Monday, November 5, 2007

November Events

Norwin and Temple of David the 17 th and 18 th of Nov.
I promised to have this posted a little slow.. but here we are.. on the 17th of November we will be at Norwin Heights, 14th Annual Christmas and Craft show... Time10: am to 3pm for directions and more information contact Karen Hassan Dolan 724 -861- 8103This is not a commercialized vendor show .. so you will find the finest of arts and crafts..Norwin is located at 251 McMahon Drive in Norht Huntingdon Pennsylvania... 26 miles east of pittsburgh.... directly off our route 30...The 18th of November you will find me at Sisterhoold of Temple David for a shopping Extravaganza.. time 9 am till 2 pm where 4115 Northern Pike Moneroeville Pa 15146If additional information is needed contact number is 724-29698059 Support your local Artist and Crafters American made at chinese wages.. the finest of detail and love is put into all of our work.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Festival July 21st

We will be at Scott's run Settlement for a family fun filled Rib Fest. Stop by and check some great vendors, wonderful and a good time rain or shine. To see the schedule go to
We are working on great new herbal lip balms, herbal skin care products and tons of great earthy products that grown with TLC no pesticides are ever used on our beauty care products. I would like to think my customers are a extended part of my family and deserve the same quality and care that I use for my family members.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Stop by and check out our new products......

We are at Irwin's Community Event in Irwin Pennsylvania Saturday the 16th... Look for us down by Rosenthals. We have planned for a great event, weather is beautiful and we have added great new products to our existing line. Everything from passion lips, to The Cooks hand soap, to our number one hand and body lotions Flamingo Breeze and Devotion Lotion.. We can't wait and hope you will be there.As all natural and organic, wonderful product that are safe and pleasing and a great addition to your beauty care regimen.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Autumn's skincare

We are working hard to bring you the finest beauty skincare products at a fraction of the high priced departments stores, quality need not cost you a fortune. Our aim is to make a healthy alternative skincare regimen
for all people.... Natural, organic and given the autumn touch for the most fragrant aromatherapy products on the market.
If you don't see what you need at online and we will do our best to provide you with the information to complete your request for a safe and quality care products.

Organic, herbal skincare..

It's been a fun weekend and we are celebrating the success of our new line of products. Children should learn to appreciate the better quality product at a young age. Our princess sparkle dust does just that it introduces them to fine skincare products with that magic sparkle. Children deserve the best on their skin. The suns rays are harmful more now then they have ever been. Trust your children to our aromatherapy line of products that are as save for your children as they are for adults....
look for us over the road or order on line at

Friday, June 8, 2007

Dravoburg June 9th

We are excited about the upcoming event In Dravosburg June 9th and welcome you to stop by and visit us in Pennsylvania, where the hills surround you with the magic that only nature can bring.
We have added a great many products to our skincare line, the introduction of own harvest wildflowers , ginger and cooks bar soaps.

The events start rolling at 9 am and will continue through the day with great fun for the whole family...stop by and say hi and join us in a cup of tea between 2 friends if you can't stop by our new york outlet at and get your own cup of tea between 2 friends to keep or give as a gift.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fall dates

The dates where Autumn will be over the road.Northmoreland Labor day event
September 2nd and 3rdWest Newton
September 7 th , 8th and 9th, a family afair for children and adults a like laid back and fun.Covered Bridge festival
September 15th and 16thArts in the park Forth week of September at Ryerson Station
.October 20th Pgh Shriners.Greene county Pennsylvania historical society dates to be announced.Red hats convention date to be announced.
Rain day festival July 200 7 pending
Dayotn Expo Center November 23 rd , 24 th and 25 th
Memorial ColiseumFort wayne IndianiaNovember 9th 10th and 11thmany more dates will be announced as dates come in ...We look forward to seeing everyone.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Skincare, herbal, organic

Autumn Bliss

We understand the needs of our family and customers. Therefore we make it a point to use our organically grown herbs and the finest organic oils. Our products are made fresh, so that preservatives are kept to the mininum .We add silk protein a high end ingredient, in our opinion lotion need not leave a oil concentration on your skin. We prefer soft silkiness of silk protein and the other natural benefits that come from using 100% natural Japanese silk.

What is silk protein?
Silk protein is processed from 100% natural Japanese silk, it is rich in silk amino acids, such as glycine, serine and alanien blocks of protein in the skin.It can be absorbed directly by the human skin, combining with the skin cell to revitalize the skin.
Silk protein is a natural moisturizer and adjusts the moisture in the skin to maximum benefit. It is like placing a invisible glove on your body, while making the skin more elastic. It has also been known to effectively control growth of melanin in the skin. We decided all the positives of this high end ingredient was well worth it. An extremely wonderful asset to beautitful skin results.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Why use organic?

Devotion Lotion Sports Extreme
Quality skin care that is pure, unadulterated,
with therapeutic grade essential oils and is safe
and powerfully effective for people of all ages.

Weclome to Autumn's Beauty and skincare!
Autumn's line of skin care was developed because of the need for quality high end products that the average American could work into their beauty care regimen without breaking the budget.

When creating products we took our own family's needs into perspective. My daughter struggling with rough, dry skin, and was disappointed in the creams and lotions prescribed by doctors and the many over the counter products. Thus began our search and study of a better product then mass produced products. This was not and overnight moment of thought, years of research and working with other companies helped in developing the products with the desired
texture with organic ingredients and herbal ESO as well as blending aromatherapy and homeopathic into a product that would be come the product you reach for on your shelves.
What makes our products different that the thousands offered? First we stake our name on it, to offer you a fresh product, with the best ingredients Earth has to offer, we use the finest oils and never do we add the minimum so that we could put the ingredient on the label. Our ingredients are extensively studied so that you get enough of a ingredient to soothe, compliment and give you better skin then you dreamed possible.
Can years of neglect be reversed? As a avid Gardner, I neglected my hands by gardening without gloves. After years my hands showed the deterioration that comes with such neglect, the natural thinning of the skin, premature wrinkling and the dryness associated with abuse from the weather.Within a short period of time and as little as one week, I found my skin improve drastically as a youthful glow and healthy skin returned from using the quality organic herbal ingredients.

Over the last 5 yrs we have worked to bring you a wide range of products, creating the finest french clay mask , soap and bath and beauty herbals and avacado, goats milk, and locally gathered honey.