Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fall dates

The dates where Autumn will be over the road.Northmoreland Labor day event
September 2nd and 3rdWest Newton
September 7 th , 8th and 9th, a family afair for children and adults a like laid back and fun.Covered Bridge festival
September 15th and 16thArts in the park Forth week of September at Ryerson Station
.October 20th Pgh Shriners.Greene county Pennsylvania historical society dates to be announced.Red hats convention date to be announced.
Rain day festival July 200 7 pending
Dayotn Expo Center November 23 rd , 24 th and 25 th
Memorial ColiseumFort wayne IndianiaNovember 9th 10th and 11thmany more dates will be announced as dates come in ...We look forward to seeing everyone.

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